Sunday, December 7, 2008

Final Post - Read Me First

This blog documents my efforts to complete the workout program. If your not doing the program it might just classify as "the most boring blog in the world".

However, if you want to do The Hundred, or if your in the middle of the program, please look around. Post a comment if you have any questions and I'll try to respond.

It's a good program that really works. I've been wanting to do 100 consecutive pushups for some time, and this is the first program I've found that's gotten me there.

Some key points & posts to read;
Enjoy the posts and provide feedback and comments. While I don't intend to continue posting here, I will likely respond to any comments.

One last comment
I can't stress enough how much I appreciate the support of Steve and the rest of the people that have posted comments. It's really been helpful to know people have been reading the blog and encouraging my workouts. The positive feedback and and support have been appreciated. Key blogs;

I decided to start another fitness blog, and after looking around I joined JustFinish.Com. I love running, cycling, and other general fitness and endurance activities. So please join me at my profile page. There's a new blog going, daily updates on my workouts, and a whole new set of friends for encouragement and motivation.

Joe Scherb

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What's Next

The programs been great, but it's time to do something else and move on. But what is the next step after completing the hundred?

More push ups? - Likely
I've completed the hundred and built up my chest and tricepts nicely. If I stop doing push ups it would be disappointing to lose it. So I need to keep going. I've considered extending the program to chase two hundred consecutive programs.. At a minimum it's probably a good idea to repeat weeks 5 & 6 until I figure out what else to do.

Pull ups or Chin ups? - Likely
The push ups gave me great tricepts. It'd be nice to develope some good bicepts to match. A few weeks back I acually tried and was able to complete one. Yep, one. There's a lot of potential there. Any workout program suggestions?

Sit ups? - Possibly
Keeping with the "ups" family, sit ups would help me a lot. I've never done the best with abdominal workouts, and I hear tightening up my abs will help my back problems. Sounds like a good idea. Is this the way to go;

Get running? - Doubtful
I used to love running. Over the years it's been on again, off again. It might be nice to get in better shape running again. I've found that I normally need to have a good reason to dedicate the time and focus to keep running. Other than "general fitness" I'm not sure I'll have the drive to head out into the winter darkness every day. Maybe I'll shoot for a 5K ??

If you have any suggestions on program ideas or other workouts please post a comment below.

Week 6 Trial - Completed the challenge

The deed is done. It feels sort of anti-climatic but I did it. It probably just needs a few minutes to sync in. I've been able to complete 100 consecutive push up.

Daily Total: 100
Overall Total: 7271

To prep for this, I gave myself an extra day of rest, and drank a big glass of water one hour before the attempt. I also got myself psyched up and stretched a bit just before the attempt.

As I knocked out the first 30 pushups it felt harder than expected. That was a bit discouraging, but I reminded myself that the first 50 were "just a warm up".

Approaching 70 they got alot tougher and I paused at 80. Taking a second I shook out each arm. That's something I never do, but it seemed needed.

I managed the next 10 and then started pushing them one at a time. It was sooo hard and very painfull.

But I did it! :-)
It feels great that I've completed the hundred.

Thanks to all of you who have followed and posted words of encouragement.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 6 Day 3 - Repeat 3

Good news. I knocked through this workout without much problem. That officially completes week 6.

Program: 27,27,23,23,23,23,20,20, max (at least 56)
Actual: 27,27,23,23,23,23,20,20,60
Daily Total: 246
Overall Total: 7171

Broke 7000 pushups today too. Jeez that's a lot. Assuming 5 seconds per pushup, that's roughly 10 hours of push'n.

I moved through this workout pretty well. That time (or lack of) between sets is really tough. I took a minute before the last set just to get a glass of water. And because I just mentally wasn't into pumping out that last set without catching my breath.

That's room for improvement if I have to repeat this week again (hell would have to freeze over first.)

Tomorrow I'm going to beat the hundred push up challenge. I've got a good attitude and it's been a couple weeks since I broke 90 so I should be able to do it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Week 6 Day 2 - Repeat 3

I went into this workout with a pretty good mindset. I've completed this one before, so I knew it'd fall today.

Program: 30,30,25,25,25,25,22,22, max (at least 56)
Actual: 30,30,25,25,25,25,22,22,58
Daily Total: 262
Overall Total: 6925

I knocked through the individual sets with no real problems. The last set of 22 was a little tough, but barely worth noting.

For the final set I didn't match the 60 from last week. Around my 40th pushup I started thinking about how freak'n hard that is. From there I got to 58 before the pain in my shoulders got the best of me.

Another workout down anyway... Still looking forward to killing the hundred this weekend.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 6 Day 1 - Repeat 3

I'm thinking there might have been too many hot dogs in my recent past... It felt like I was lifting a ton of lead off the ground today.

Program: 56,45,42,40, max (at least 56)
Actual: 56,45,42,40,56
Daily Total: 239
Overall Total: 6663

I huffed and puffed quite a bit, but overall the pushups went down easier than last week. Don't get me wrong, it definitely wasn't easy. Just easier.

That last set was tough.

For this workout I went out to and pumped James Brown;
  • I feel Good.
  • Living in America.
  • Get up Offa That Thing.
Last time through week 6

Friday, October 31, 2008

Week 6 Day 3 - Repeat 2

Ummm.... er... ok. I kind of forgot to do the pushups on Friday.

I normally do them right before dinner & I took the kids trick-or-treating. After which we did a nice campfire and ate hot dogs. At some point, late in the evening, I realized that the push ups never happened.

Disappointing, but it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

I considered shooting for the hundred on Saturday, but I wasn't really that confident. So I figured I could repeat this week one last time to get a bit stronger and then kill the hundred.